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Recruiting Guide

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This page is dedicated to helping those STUDENT-athletes who have hopes of playing collegiate lacrosse one day. We are excited to offer our players to be part of the Breakers College Recruiting Program. The recruiting program will be comprised of the following components and is available for players beginning the summer of freshman year through graduation.  The recruitment resources below include tips and resources on how to make your recruiting experience an easier and more enjoyable one.

  • Highlight film and recruiting profiles
  • Recruiting seminars
  • Connect Lax Paid Subscription
  • Individual research, preparation and outreach strategy. Meeting with Recruting staff to outline player recruting journey.
  • Player endorsements to college coaches
  • Participation in team recruiting tournaments (with Breakers) and individual recruiting showcases (e.g. Diamond Showcases Fall/Summer)

Recruiting Resources

The college recruiting process can be a difficult and confusing endeavor, even for parents that have been through the process before. On the below pages are information and resources that families may find helpful as they navigate the process.

NCAA Recruiting Information Page

NCAA Division I men’s Lacrosse teams have an average roster size of 48 players but only a maximum of 12.6 scholarships to award per team. This means the average award covers less than 30% of a typical athlete’s annual college costs.

Getting recruited is rarely a fairy tale story. It doesn’t just happen to you. The recruiting process is a complex, winding journey that is directed largely by the student-athlete. The more you know about the recruiting process and the more effort you put into getting the results you want the better chance you will have to fulfill your dream of competing at the college level.

When Does Recruiting Start | Understanding the Recruiting Funnel | How to Get On A Coach’s Radar

You should start thinking about your academic eligibility when you are going into your freshman year of high school, especially if you are interested in being an NCAA Division I or Division II athlete. By focusing on your eligibility early, you can ensure that you are on track to complete all core courses in time and you are maintaining the grade point average (GPA) requirements.

College coaches won’t always be there to watch a student-athlete’s best plays, so it’s important to capture footage at games to include in a lacrosse highlight video that can be shared online with coaches. These videos don’t have to be complicated, but they do need to include what college coaches are looking for when evaluating prospects. There are a number of resources available. 

Highlight Film Tip #1